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Within My Daughter’s Heart works side-by-side with the non-profit ministry Within This Woman’s House, Incorporated located in Kernersville, North Carolina.  A large part of the mission is to direct women and their daughters in their understanding of who they are In God’s image, based on the knowledge and wisdom found in the Holy Bible.

God’s word teaches mothers a simple message regarding their daughters:


                          PLANT MY WORD

                                        Deuteronomy 6:6-7

                          COMMUNICATE IN LOVE

                                        John 13:34-35

                          IMITATE ME

                                       John 13:15


Imagine a relationship between mothers and daughters if they followed these simple words. Many women have been hurt from unfinished business with their mother. Sometimes we can heal together. Other times we must set our hearts free and heal on our own. Either way, it is never too late to change the direction of the future. God will show the way in his word.


Teaching women in local, small group settings, WITHIN MY DAUGHTER’S HEART offers spiritual guidance to avoid the pitfalls that challenge the mother-daughter relationship. The ministry also reaches and teaches mothers and their daughters through the website www.withinthiswomanshouse.com.


Because every generation teaches the next generation, every woman can choose to examine her own relationship with her mother. Even if her mother is unavailable, absent or uninvolved, women must decide what to pass onto their own daughters. God desires us to be at peace with our daughters. And because emotions (and hormones) can affect us every day, we must be patient with our efforts. Allow God to deal with our hearts in his way. It is his desire for us to have a joyful relationship with our mothers - and our daughters.  That would be beautiful legacy to pass on.




WITHIN MY DAUGHTER’S HEART offers self-directed, downloadable bible studies for personal or small group use. If you are seeking guidance as you journey forward, please go to Conversations with God.  Please email questions or topic ideas to [email protected]

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