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Time spent with the word of God changes our perspective.  We grow closer to him as he brings understanding.  It can change our everyday life.

Many people say that their day moves easier when they spend time with the Lord. For some of us that means praying before our feet hit the floor. For others it means reading a devotional and reflecting on the author’s thoughts. Personally, I slip out of bed very early so I can sit quietly and read God’s word. I always ask the Lord,  What is it that you want me to understand today? And faithfully he shows me.  The understanding that he makes for me continues to change my perspective on life forever. The bible says: But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty, that gives them understanding. Job 32:8

Conversations with God developed out of my morning study times with the Lord.

It wasn’t always that way.

 Since my teenage years, I have journaled my life events, struggles, prayers and experiences.  It was natural to include prayer requests, especially my own.  My journals had many questions about my life journey. As time went on, I found a pattern that emerged.

 It seemed that every 3-4 months my prayers were being answered.  At other times I noticed it took years to find a solution to my problem. I also found that when I was in tune with God my life flowed easier. Prayers were answered, but not always in the way I expected. However, I was at peace with the answers. During times when I was busy, busy, busy I wondered what was taking God so long to answer my requests.

It seemed as though there was a connection for me to understand.

 Conversations with God are based on everyday topics women share. God knows what messages he needs for us to understand.  The one who never changes is the Lord. He will answer you personally in the way he wants to show you his understanding…on your issue… on your sorrow… on your struggle. The Lord will show you a solution. The answers are in his word.

 These self-directed studies can be completed in about 30 minutes. I recommend that you consider purchasing a notebook to write down verses, and your thoughts as you journey forward.  Plan some discussion time if you are with a friend or in a small group.  There is a printer friendly version that you may use if you would like to write down your answers.  Take the time to use your bible to look up the verses. Seeing God’s words is more powerful than skimming my thoughts and jotting down where the bible supports the idea.  God’s words will support each message. The goal is to guide you through a conversation with God. Let him bring the understanding as it applies to your life.

As this website grows there will be many topics to choose from.  If you have a suggestion for a topic or a suggestion to improve the study material, please go to the Contact Us page.  We want to help you grow in the Lord. If you have a question that arises regarding a bible study, send the question and we will do our best to help you understand.

Within This Woman’s House is a ministry to help you meet Jesus where you are today. There is never a charge for sharing Conversations with God messages.  If you choose to share the studies we ask for recognition of this site as the source.  


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